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Unique Collection

Kristina's Masterpieces

In the Unique Collection you will find all of Kristina’s Masterpieces that are still available. They are all truly unique as only one of each will ever be made, so be quick before they are sold! For an overview of all her Masterpieces head over to our Portfolio section.

Madeira Majesty

The Madeira Majesty is a stunning ring with a rare 23-carat Madeira Citrine gemstone in a smooth bezel setting. The band is made of Rhodium sterling silver for elegance and durability.


Gemstone Symphony

Luxurious Rhodium Ring set with a series of sparkling gemstones totalling 5.5 carats. A masterpiece for both casual and formal wear.


Citrine Ring

Absolute stunning Citrine Ring in 18K Vermeil Gold from the Kristina Rybaltchenko 2023 collection. This Luxurious Ring is set with a 23 carat Citrine in a true Kristina Rybaltchenko style.



Citrine Pendant

Absolute stunning Citrine Pendant in Rhodium Silver from the Kristina Rybaltchenko 2023 collection. This Luxurious pendant is set with a 26 carat Citrine and in a true Kristina Rybaltchenko style.


Tourmaline Cabochon Ring

18K Golden Silver ring set with 9.98 carats Cherry red Tourmaline cabochon


Nature's Gift Pendant

Tourmaline set pendant with 8 carats of multicolor Tourmalines


Tourmaline Open Ring

Open Set Tourmaline ring set with over 10 carats of lagoon-Green Tourmaline


Colos Ring

Pink tourmaline trilogy ring in Rhodium-Silver. This ring from te 2023 collection is set with 3 natural pink Tourmalines and is inspired by the Colosseum in Rome


Tourmaline Trilogy Ring

Tourmaline ring set with 3 carats of tourmaline


Aquamarine Pearshape Ring

Aquamarine ring set with 8.40 carat pearshape